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Web Sites You Can Download Bible

Other than the Bible that you can freely download listed at this site, here is a very incomplete list of web sites where people can freely download the Holy Bible. Let us know if you know such a site that is not on our list, we will be very grateful.

Besides what listed here, you might also want to look at our list of various ARCHIE servers for download-able Bible.

Title of the Site Description
Olive Tree Bible software A Bible software company that puts out Bibles for Palm connected handheld computers, and also other handheld organizers running the Windows CE OS.

Many of our Bible downloads are free; some they charge for because the copyright requires it; all are under $20.00

Christian Reference Works Shareware and Freeware Free Bible software download. Has King James Version, Strong's Numbers, Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, Bible Dictionary, Spanish Reina Valera, Dutch, German Luther.
Bible Foundation's List of Links to Bible Related Sites Sites for reading Bibles, searching Bibles, downloading Bibles, buying Bibles, Bible software, Bible software support, Bibles in print, Bibles in other media, Bible resources.
Online Bible for the Macintosh Online Bible for the Macintosh is a Freeware by Ken Hamel is program that you can use on Macintosh. It has very good search facilities and a built-in editor, which you can add notes. The text modules for use with Online Bible include English ( ASV, BBE, Dby, KJV, RSV, NTMS, YLT), Dutch ( Leidse Vertaling, Lutherse Vertaling, Staten Vertaling), French ( Haitian Creole, 1991 French Darby, Hebrew Lexicon, Segond/Strong's/Darby, 1910 Segond/Strong's, Peoples' New Testament), German ( 1905 Elberfelder und 1912 Luther), Italian ( 1991 La Nuova Diodati), Russian ( 1917 Russian Synodal Text), Spanish ( 1909 Reina-Valera ). It also has Greek and Hebrew bibles, Commentaries, Study notes, Topical Indices, Bible Dictionaries, and other Bible study aids.
Windows Online Bible Windows Online Bible download site. Has Arabic, Indonesian Bahasa Sehari-hari, New Zealand Maori Bible, Ukranian Bible, Albanian Bible, Chinese Glory Union Bible, Vietnamese Bible, Italian La Nuova Diodata, German Schlachter Version, German Luther Version, German Elberfelder Version, Dutch Lutherese Vertaling, Dutch Leidse Vertaling, Dutch Statenvertaling, Las 1569 Sagradas Escrituras Revised 1996, King James Version Bible Text, Jerome's Latin Vulgate, Biblia Hebraica morphological text,...
FREE Online Bible Software Online Bible 7.XX for Windows 3.X, 95, & NT by Larry Pierce & Ken Hamel.

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