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何 西 阿 書 Hosea

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   [kjv]The word of the LORD that came unto Hosea, the son of Beeri, in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah, and in the days of Jeroboam the son of Joash, king of Israel.
   [kjv]The beginning of the word of the LORD by Hosea. And the LORD said to Hosea, Go, take unto thee a wife of whoredoms and children of whoredoms: for the land hath committed great whoredom, departing from the LORD.
   [kjv]So he went and took Gomer the daughter of Diblaim; which conceived, and bare him a son.
   [kjv]And the LORD said unto him, Call his name Jezreel; for yet a little while, and I will avenge the blood of Jezreel upon the house of Jehu, and will cause to cease the kingdom of the house of Israel.
   [kjv]And it shall come to pass at that day, that I will break the bow of Israel in the valley of Jezreel.
   [kjv]And she conceived again, and bare a daughter. And God said unto him, Call her name Loruhamah: for I will no more have mercy upon the house of Israel; but I will utterly take them away.
1:7[hb5]我卻要憐憫猶大家、使他們靠耶和華他們的 神得救、不使他們靠弓、刀、爭戰、馬匹、與馬兵得救。
   [kjv]But I will have mercy upon the house of Judah, and will save them by the LORD their God, and will not save them by bow, nor by sword, nor by battle, by horses, nor by horsemen.
   [kjv]Now when she had weaned Loruhamah, she conceived, and bare a son.
1:9[hb5]耶和華說、給他起名叫羅阿米、〔就是非我民的意思〕因為你們不作我的子民、我也不作你們的 神。
   [kjv]Then said God, Call his name Loammi: for ye are not my people, and I will not be your God.
1:10[hb5]然而以色列的人數必如海沙、不可量、不可數.從前在甚麼地方對他們說、你們不是我的子民、將來在那堨硃鴷L們說、你們是永生 神的兒子。
   [kjv]Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured nor numbered; and it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people, there it shall be said unto them, Ye are the sons of the living God.
   [kjv]Then shall the children of Judah and the children of Israel be gathered together, and appoint themselves one head, and they shall come up out of the land: for great shall be the day of Jezreel.

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